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Alina Rivkin, M.S.,CCC-SLP has been formally trained at the American Institute for Stuttering in New York, and now offers intensive workshops, individual therapy, and support groups for people who stutter. In addition, Alina has completed advanced training in the Lidcombe Program for pre-schoolers who stutter. She is also recently trained in the research-based MPI-2 Stuttering biofeedback program.

Overview of Stuttering

What is stuttering?

Stuttering is a communication disorder characterized by disruptions (disfluencies) in the normal flow of speech. People who stutter (PWS) often experience physical tension in the mechanisms used for speech production (lips, tongue, larynx, and jaw). Stuttering can negatively impact academics, careers and social situations without proper intervention. The onset usually occurs between 2 and 5 years of age.

Different Types of Disfluencies:

  • Blocks. Build-up of tension in the voice box and/or around the mouth and not being able to get a word out. For example “My name is…Alina”
  • Prolongations. Involuntarily stretching out first sound of a word, such as “heeeere it is”
  • Repetitions. Involuntarily repeating either first consonant or part of word. For example, “Ggggive me a co-co-co-cookie”.

What causes stuttering?

The exact cause of stuttering is unknown. Stuttering is more prevalent amongst boys than girls. There is often a genetic link in the family.  Parents and family members are not to blame if a child starts stuttering. Stuttering is not a psychological or “nervous” disorder.

What can parents do if their child starts stuttering?

It is important to establish eye contact and let your child know you are listening to their message rather than how it is being said. Do not interrupt or finish their sentences. Try and slow down family member’s rate of speech by pausing often. Avoid telling a child to slow down or take a deep breath. Simplify your language demands when speaking to your child. This decreases pressure of behalf of the child. Most importantly, contact a speech pathologist specializing in stuttering treatment immediately if your child starts stuttering.

What help is available?

Early intervention is crucial. According to many research studies, the earlier intervention is sought, the likelihood of eliminating stuttering increases. Once a child is older than age 7, it is difficult to eliminate stuttering completely, but fluency can be enhanced.

Preschool Therapy Program

Lidcombe Program for Early Childhood/Preschool Stuttering (ages 3 to 7)

How can the Lidcombe Stuttering Program help your child?

The Lidcombe Program is a highly successful evidence-based behavioral treatment program that was designed for young children who stutter and their families. The objective of this program is to try and eliminate stuttering in young children in a fun, systematic and structured manner. Therapy is provided by a Clearversation, Lidcombe Certified speech pathologist with over 15 years experience in stuttering/fluency therapy. Parents are consistently present and are taught to monitor their child’s progress daily to decrease stuttering. Parental involvement is crucial to achieving optimal results.

This program is ideal for children ages 3 to 7. In order for children to improve fluency at this age parents must use a structured approach and be involved daily. It is important to address stuttering early and NOT to wait. We can help your child to try and stop stuttering!

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Clearversation is licensed to provide evaluations and therapy treatment services in Florida, New York, and New Jersey.

School Age Therapy Program

School aged children- where fluency adventures begin

Stuttering therapy is custom catered for each school-aged child. Various tools and strategies are provided in therapy to improve fluency and increase confidence to overcome difficult speaking situations. The speech therapist always follows the child’s lead and interest. Our goal at this age is for the school-aged child to be involved in the management of stuttering to create goals that are feasible for them. Parental involvement is encouraged but not required. Children are provided with carry-over activities to practice at home following therapy. Call 718.644.5685 today to schedule an evaluation.

Adult Fluency Program

What is MPI-2?

MPI-2 stands for Modified Phonation Intervals in the updated (2nd version). Normally, disfluent speech is characterized by uncontrollable breaks or pauses that give way to frequent blocks and repetitions. What MPI-2 does is train the client to speak in a more connected nature while providing bio-feedback to the brain using an accelerometer. The app (containing the program) monitors how speech is produced and then modifies it based on criteria that is set by a trained Speech-Language Pathologist during the initial evaluation. Fluency begins to generate and increase, as a result.

How is it different from other Intensive Programs… 

This program is thoroughly research-based and has proven results that fluency can be achieved with the help of this groundbreaking program. The main focus of this program is to elicit 100% fluency while sounding NATURAL and making as little changes to the way the client speaks as possible.  In addition, the program does not only have the client go through the “teaching” a.k.a. the ESTABLISHMENT phase, but also takes the client through the TRANSFER phase and then MAINTENANCE phase with the help of the trained Speech Language Pathologist.

How long is the program?

The ESTABLISHMENT phase can take anywhere from 14-21 days depending on the time that is invested into it. Following the ESTABLISHMENT phase, a long-lasting and less intensive but VERY IMPORTANT Transfer phase begins. This phase can take as long as 7 months to fully enable you to reach your maximum fluency potential. It’s not a Quick-Fix program but it is a Last-A-Lifetime one!

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Why choose Clearversation to provide therapy?

Alina Rivkin, M.S., CCC-SLP, Clearversation Director has gone through the entire program in  2018 as a client, herself and is proud to have been trained by Dr. Roger Ingham and Dr. Janis Ingham to provide people with the same results that she had obtained! She, unlike others, knows exactly what the program entails on a personal level and can relate to her clients. She is passionate about helping others discover fluency the same way that she had. For more detailed information about MPI-2 program and the success videos that have resulted from using MPI-2, please click here

In addition to MPI-2, other intensive and non-intensive programs are offered to each client. Our therapy approach strongly depends on each client’s level of disfluency and fluency goals are created based on individual needs and expectations. We take pride in providing quality therapy and achieving results no matter the severity.

We are glad to offer teletherapy to our out-of-state clients for their convenience.


The MPI-2 Stuttering Treatment Mobile App

You can become even more familiar with the program by downloading a free sample of The MPI-2 Stuttering Treatment Mobile App from the app store on your iPhone or iPad. The MPI-2 Stuttering Treatment Mobile App is the software that is needed for treatment along with an interconnected audiovisual recording system. The client also receives a throat microphone and earpiece apparatus to begin assessment and treatment.