So why the intensive treatment for stuttering?

Stuttering is a complex communication disorder, affecting the natural, fluent flow of speech. It can have a significant impact on an individual’s life, both personally and professionally. For those who stutter, finding a proven and effective solution to improve their fluency, can be detrimental. The MPI-2 intensive program has proven to be effective due to the fact that it targets fluency-shaping, while relying heavily on consistent, independent practice, paired with the support of a trained speech-language pathologist, from start to finish.

As a highly motivated adult seeking a significant change in your speech fluency, with the help of a speech-language pathologist, the MPI-2 treatment program for stuttering offers exactly that. As many of my former and current clients come to realize, dedication and persistence is key when it comes to an intensive treatment for stuttering, such as this one. If you feel you are committed and ready to increase your speech fluency, this program can provide you with the tools and support you need to achieve a more fluent, natural-sounding speech. More information about this phenomenal program and the details behind it can be obtained on this site, as well.

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