Self-advertising our stuttering…Huh??

When one thinks of advertising, they usually think of something that they want others to learn and know about. It is usually something that they, themselves, enjoy and want others to try out, as well. How does that even remotely apply to Stuttering, one might ask? Ironically, self-advertising our stuttering is one of the best ways to start overcoming the one thing that you never want to talk about and always want to hide away from. In speech therapy for stuttering, that is one of the key elements that needs to be addressed. Stuttering is very much a neurological impediment, but it becomes a psychological, one as well. When we start to advertise the fact that we stutter and openly talk about it with other people, we become less afraid of it. We all want to be fluent, but what if that came from us truly accepting and being open about our stuttering?? Many of my clients, over the years, have learned to reconnect with their family and friends on a much deeper level having opened up to them about their stuttering. Not only did it make them feel better and more at ease with their speech, but it also helped them to connect with their family/friends on a deeper level. This self-healing strategy, which not only empowers us, but also helps us to lift that pressure to be fluent around others. Why is fluency so well advertised and Stuttering is not? Most of my clients learn to understand that it is actually our superpower in many ways! If you’re struggling with stuttering, reach out to a Stuttering specialist, who can help you on your journey to freedom and acceptance.

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