Importance of overcoming stuttering in therapy

As a person who stutters, I know, firsthand the power of having individual support and resources to help one find your voice. In therapy sessions, I try to empower anyone who stutters to have the confidence to follow their dreams and reach their goals, no matter what. My goal is to provide others with as much support as they need as they tackle every day situations. Ever since I was little, I’ve always searched for that one speech-language pathologist who knew what it felt like, and would guide me to be successful and fearless no matter how I sounded. That is the main reason why I decided to become a speech language pathologist myself, specializing in the area of Stuttering. I hope to be that person for all my clients that are just searching for someone who knows what it’s like. Want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and please remember I am here if you need me. Overcoming stuttering is the best thing you can possibly ask for and achieve. Make that your New Year’s resolution.

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