Fake stutter….but why???

Pseudo-stuttering is what we, speech-language pathologists call “fake stuttering”. But why do that if we already stutter for real?? The reason is very simple….this is one of the most powerful ways to take control of your stuttering and to learn that you can be in control of it, just like it is of you. Pseudo-stuttering involves intentionally imitating stuttering which in turn, desensitizes the person. It enables the person who stutters to become more comfortable with their speech pattern and play around with the amount of tension that they exhibit as they speak. In addition, it gives them who this long-awaited sense of power to actually initiate his/her stuttering behavior on their own. We can say that it gives them the so-called permission to stutter. Once they become more comfortable with that feeling, acceptance starts to take place. Desensitization techniques should always be guided by a trained speech-language pathologist for it to be effective and purposeful.

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