Emphasizing Peer Support in stuttering therapy

In various situations, support from others, as we know, is very important. It shouldn’t be any different when it comes to stuttering. Even though speech therapy is great when working on reducing one’s avoidances and gaining confidence, reducing isolation is key when it comes to helping others overcome their communication insecurities. In general, meeting with other people who stutter can help reduce fears since people who stutter come to realize that they are not alone even though their experiences might be somewhat different. When you meet others who stutter, you could also share your own individual experiences and challenges that you might’ve faced along the way. These people are the only ones who truly understand what it’s like, and can relate to you on the different level. This can provide a sense of empathy and support which is all almost impossible to find elsewhere. Since each person’s experience with stuttering is unique, you get to learn about different techniques, therapies and approaches that were worked on in therapy that they might’ve found very successful at managing their stuttering.
Not only do you listen to other peoples experiences and find commonalities, you also start to build confidence. Interacting with others who stutter can boost self-esteem when you see other people like yourself learn ways to overcome their stuttering and be inspiring to you and and your personal growth. They can offer advice and discuss challenges that might be met along the way. Through this type of interaction, people get to learn from one another, and hopefully come to realize that stuttering is just a small part of them. These types of support groups are particularly beneficial to adolescents and young adults who stutter, as they develop a positive attitude towards their speech.
Whether you’re new to speech therapy, or are just now starting to think about embarking on the journey towards communication freedom, keep in mind the benefits of meeting other people like you. You will feel a sense of belonging, support and empowerment as you start this road to communication success.

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